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Dr. Cohen’s discusses US- Russian relations on a leading Russian talk show, prime time Rossiya TV Channel

Date: 12-15-2017 | Category: In the News, Russia and Eurasia

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Russia Is Roaring Back to the Middle East While America Is Asleep

Date: 11-27-2017 | Category: Articles, Middle East, Russia and Eurasia

November 27, 2017 Originally posted in the National Interest: Russia is back in the Middle East. The Kremlin is methodically creating a systematic geopolitical challenge…

Russia’s Return To The Middle East: America Beware

Date: 11-15-2017 | Category: Articles, Russia and Eurasia, Uncategorized

Originally published: The Navigator November 15, 2017 Russia’s Return To The Middle East: America Beware Russia is back in the Middle East, creating a broad…

Trump’s task of balancing diplomacy in Asia with interests of his voters is no easy task

Date: 11-14-2017 | Category: Articles, Geopolitics, Russia and Eurasia

In his visit to East Asia, President Trump sought to make progress toward five big objectives. Those included reconfigure trade relations, especially with China; tackling…

Lessons we’ve learned in the century since Russia’s communist coup

Date: 11-08-2017 | Category: Articles, Russia and Eurasia

The 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik revolution, which is marked on Nov. 7, is being commemorated quietly in Moscow. Today, the Russians are even more…

Dr. Cohen Commenting on Russia 24 News TV

Date: 11-03-2017 | Category: In the News, Russia and Eurasia

Владимир Путин встретился с бывшими губернаторами. Какую работу им предложили? “План Маршала” для Украины. Почему поставки тушенки могут быть для Киева эффективнее денежных вливаний? Ложные…

NYC Attack Shows Focus on Middle East Terror Risks Is Misplaced

Date: 11-01-2017 | Category: Articles, Geopolitics, Russia and Eurasia

Sayfullo Saipov, a 29-year old, married father of two from a far-away land many Americans haven’t heard about (let alone can find on a map)…

Kazakhstan is opting for nuclear engagement, not deterrence

Date: 10-23-2017 | Category: Articles, Energy Security, Geopolitics, Russia and Eurasia

With North Korea wreaking havoc by testing nuclear weapons and missiles, and with Iranian nuclear program becoming once again the focus of U.S. foreign policy,…

Why the IPO of this Russian company in London could be a big deal

Date: 05-25-2017 | Category: Articles, Europe, Geopolitics, Russia and Eurasia

      CNBC 25 May 2017 By Dr. Ariel Cohen Brexit may not be catastrophic for the London Stock Exchange, despite naysayers’ dire prophecies.…

More Solidarity with Ukraine Needed, Say Speakers at the Kyiv Security Forum

Date: 04-24-2017 | Category: Articles, Geopolitics, Russia and Eurasia

The Huffington Post By Dr. Ariel Cohen April 24, 2017 The Tenth Kyiv Security Forum—an important foreign affairs conference conducted annually by the Open…

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