Corporate Raiding, Russian Style

Date: 05-16-2016 | Category: Articles, Geopolitics, In the News, Russia and Eurasia

The Huffington Post May 16, 2016 By Ariel Cohen At the London anti-corruption summit last Thursday, Secretary of State John Kerry said that corruption destroys nation states. He is right - look at Russia. Institutionalized corruption, the systemic merger of organized crime with law enforcement, and the practice of aggressive asset grabbing known as “reiderstvo“ ― hostile corporate takeovers - are the bane of Russian business. The recent exposure of the Panama Papers has revealed a murky world of offshore corporations from the Caribbean to the Jersey Islands to Lichtenstein, and their multi-billion dollar connections to the highest circles of power in Moscow. For the last two decades, Russian-style corporate raiding has been on the rise, with the tactics used coming straight out of The Sopranos TV series. In a new report, “The Rise of Reiderstvo: Implications for Russia and the West,” George Mason scholars Louise Shelley and Judy Deane document how corrupt judges, prosecutors, police and government officials collude to rob many Russian businesses from legitimate owners.  

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