The Russian Military and the Georgia War: Lessons and Implications (Military Bookshop, September 1, 2011)
In this monograph, the authors state that Russia planned the war against Georgia in August 2008 aiming for the annexation of Abkhazia, weakening the Saakashvili regime, and prevention of NATO enlargement. According to them, while Russia won the campaign, it also exposed its own military as badly needing reform. The war also demonstrated weaknesses of the NATO and the European Union security systems.
Kazakhstan: Energy Cooperation with Russia – Oil, Gas and Beyond (GMB Publishing, 2006)
This important study explains how Russia, with its private sector and policy makers working in tandem, has exerted a significant amount of control over Kazakhstan's vast natural resources and its economic freedom. It looks at the way Russia and Kazakhstan agreed to divide the Caspian Sea shelf and how Kazakhstan has managed to maintain good relations with Moscow overall, despite its insistence on exporting energy resources to China and Europe directly and its hopes to export through Iran.
Eurasia in Balance (Ashgate, 2005, hardcover), co-authored
Offers a comprehensive overview of the security dynamics of an under- analyses region of the world, this volume contains contributions from experts who examine policies of the major players in the region including Russia, China, India, Iran and Turkey. It contains thematic chapters which detail economic and security analyses pre 9/11.
Russian Imperialism: Development and Crisis
(Praeger, 1996 hard cover, 1998 paperback). The book is recommended reading in a number of college curricula around the U.S.

Book Chapters:

“Russia’s Counterinsurgency in North Caucasus: Performance and Consequences”

By Ariel Cohen for Strategic Studies Institute of the US Army War College (SSI) March 31, 2014

Insurgent activity in the Northern Caucasus region continues. For Ariel Cohen, preventing the area from slipping back into even greater instability will require Moscow to tackle corruption, cronyism, discrimination, and unemployment – all of which it is unwilling to do.

“Russian Rule and the Regional Military Industrial Complexes”

 in Henry D. Sokolski and Thomas Riisager, eds., Beyond Nunn-Lugar: Curbing the Next Wave of Weapons Proliferation Threats from Russia, NonproliferationPolicyEducationCenter, 2002

“U.S. Policy Towards Russia”

 in Kim R. Holmes and Stuart E. Butler, eds., in Mandate 2000: The Blueprint for the Next Administration", The Heritage Foundation, 2000 (forthcoming)

“Russia and Eurasia”

 in Kim R. Holmes and Stuart E. Butler, eds., Issues 2000, The Candidate Briefing Book, The Heritage Foundation, Washington, D.C., 2000.

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