Russia Is Not Nine Feet Tall

Date: 04-01-2016 | Category: Articles, Energy Security, Europe, Geopolitics, Russia and Eurasia

As Russia has boycotted the global Nuclear Security summit hosted by President Barack Obama in Washington, DC, March 31-April 1, 2016, questions arise as to the second nuclear superpower’s policies and capabilities. Can Moscow afford to stay out in the cold, when the leaders of over 50 countries decide most urgent questions of international relations — nuclear security and terrorism — questions in which Russia should have a vital interest. Kremlin’s recent military engagements represent an attempt to manipulate perceptions, as Russia strives for an equal standing with the US as a willing ally against ISIS, yet capable of threatening Ukraine, Turkey, the Syrian opposition and other US allies.Granted, the Kremlin is pursuing geopolitical objectives in both Ukraine and Syria, such as securing military bases in both theaters (the Crimea in the Black Sea, and Tartus and Khmeimeh in the Mediterranean). Russia has been cultivating the Kurds as a strategic client for over 60 years, and actively preventing Ukraine from pursuing NATO and EU membership.   Huffington Post April 1, 2016 By Ariel Cohen  

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