Dr. Cohen Speaking at the Ukrainian World Congress

Date: 11-30-2017 | Category: Europe

Ukrainian World Congress November 11, 2017
Why isn't Ukraine's IT sector $400 billion? Ariel Cohen

Preview of remarks by Ariel Cohen, Senior Fellow, Atlantic Council, Imagining 'State of the Art'/'Cutting Edge' Cooperative Financial Endeavors, Ukrainian World Congress at 50 and Beyond: The Roadmap, Toronto, Canada, 11 November 2017.- Information technology and high tech are growing fast, high value added per worker- ~100,000 IT workers- WhatsApp, PayPal, Grammarly, Genesis, Jobble, etc.- 0:15 Will Ukrainian workers migrate or stay in Ukraine? Russian IT people leave for Silicon Valley, Boston, Massachusetts, etc. Vladimir Putin doesn't care as these people are typically activists who would protest- 0:47 If India can have an IT sector valued at $100 billion, why can't Ukraine's IT sector be worth double, triple, or quadruple?- 1:08 Samsung, The Boeing Company, Siemens, etc. use Ukraine- 1:17 Ukraine is an IT outsourcing destination, an IT sweatshop. Building global brands is where the value isUkrainian World Congress - Свiтовий Конґрес Українцівwww.ukrainianworldcongress.orgVideo by UkeTube Ukrainian VideoМіністерство закордонних справ України / MFA of Ukraine Foreign Affairs The Economist TWiT TechCrunch The Wall Street Journal The New York Times The Globe and Mail KyivPost.com Міністерство економічного розвитку і торгівлі України Петро Порошенко

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